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I seem to have gotten a lot of attention for my blog post about Alberta’s budget.  Nine whole comments, on one post!  To a regular blogger nine might not seem like a lot, but to someone who has never been able to hold down a steady blog, let alone a popular one, it’s a pretty […]

A while ago the U of A book store had a crazy sale on used books, and because I’m a used book sale addict I went to check it out.  Found myself a bunch of the Chronicle of Narnia books for $1.00 each.  They are nice paperback copies with delightful drawings on some of the […]

Oil prices were considerably lower than expected last year and left Alberta with a pretty significant deficit in the budget.  What to do about it? The Government of Alberta recently released a fun application where you get to decide.  Go through the budget, take a look at the various options for cuts to expenditures and […]

The Decision I’ve decided to take on the Ironman challenge in World of Warcraft.  Because I’m a university student with a job and a social life, this will probably take me a really freakin’ long time, but that’s alright. The Challenge Only White or Grey gear. No Heirlooms of any kind. No transfer of gear, […]

The First Post


Nothing in particular to blog about right now, as I’m still trying to get everything set up.  Thought about writing a post about getting set up, started to write it, decided against writing it.  But it’s rather irritating to go to my main page when trying out changes to the blog’s appearance and to always […]