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I wanted to put a compilation video of Bradley from Stickin’ Around talking about Uranus, but apparently such a thing does not yet exist.  Therefore, I will have to torrent the entire show, create one, and will replace this note with it as soon as it’s done.  Sorry for the lack of hilarity. There are […]

My favourite! Largely because it involves my favourite moon in the Solar system: Titan. Like Jupiter, Saturn also spins extremely fast, making a rotation in only 10.2 Earth hours, and it revolves around the sun in 29.5 Earth years. It’s density is only 0.69 g/cm3, meaning that if you could find a swimming pool large […]

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun, and is the first of the Jovian planets, or gas giants. It spins very fast, having a rotation period of just 10 Earth hours, and it takes 11.9 Earth years to revolve around the Sun. Being made almost entirely of gas, it has a low density of […]

My notes on the Moon are hella long, so I will try to only include some of the more awesome stuff and gloss over the boring regular stuff. Here are some of the basics on the Moon, which I will gloss over to a large extent.  Basically, the Moon is slowing down Earth’s rotation over […]

There have been several satellite missions to Venus, so we know quite a bit about it.  It’s the second planet from the Sun, and is relatively close to Earth in terms of its distance from the Sun.  The Earth and Venus would have therefore formed in a very similar part of the solar system, making […]

Because Mercury is tiny, about 1/3 of Earth’s radius, and is rather far away, being the closest planet to the Sun, there is little we can discover about this planet using Earth-based telescopes.  We sent some satellites there instead, the Mariner 10 in the 1970’s and, more recently, the MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, […]

Craters! I think craters are pretty cool, and would love to visit one some day (luckily, there is one fairly close to where I live. Unluckily, it is largely off limits, and is covered in vegetation anyways). They are created by collisions of bolides, which is a general term for things that come from outside […]