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Mistborn Review


So I just finished watching a Vlogbrothers video by Hank Green in which he suggested that everyone start a new internet thing called #reviewsdaytuesday, which is kind of a long hashtag but whatever. I thought, that’s a pretty good idea. I hope I can remember to do that on the next Tuesday after I finish […]

  I’ve always thought that having an action figure of yourself would be pretty amazing. It’s nice to see that those who have the privilege of playing with a small plastic replica of themselves do not take it for granted, but live that experience to the fullest.  

So I have some friends on Facebook that aren’t really real-life friends, but are more like acquantances or friends of family. Sometimes these people post things that are really annoying or problematic, and it doesn’t seem to matter that I’ve told Facebook I don’t want their stuff to appear in my feed. It still does. […]

So this story has had quite a bit of attention lately. And it doesn’t matter where you’re talking about it, someone is going to jump in and defend the men in question, while demonizing Roy for her actions against them. This aspect of the story is perhaps the most troubling to me, because it discourages […]

A friend of a friend on Facebook was saying that the reason the news of the newest addition to Great Britain’s royal family has got her talking is because if it had been a girl, she would have been the first female born into direct succession for the throne since the law stating that only […]

There is a shocking lack of anaglyph images for the outer Jovian planets. Neptune rotates on its axis once every 16 Earth hours, and it takes 165 Earth years to orbit the Sun. It is the most dense of the Jovian planets at 1.64 g/cm3, and has a crazy magnetic field similar to Uranus’, tilted […]

There’s a section on the K/T mass extinction event in the notes, but because I took an entire class last year on this subject, I’m not going to bother writing a blog post for study purposes.  So instead of reading my notes, please take a substantially greater amount of time to watch this amusing documentary, […]